Sylvia Anderson, Founder - Bay Area Summer Opera Theater Institute
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                              of SAN FRANCISCO
                           YEAR-LONG PROGRAM  
                         October 2017- June 2018

   Master Classes by San Francisco Conservatory of Music Professors
                  Patricia Craig and Sylvia Anderson
   Dramatic Training by   - David Ostwald 
   Alexander Technique by - Robert Britton  -

   Lectures and practical aspects of singing with orchestra
                  Conductor, Prof. Matthias Kuntzsch

   Accompanists - Timothy Bach, Charles Calhoun

                        APPLICATION -
   Presented by the Bay Area Summer Opera Theater Institute
      Professor Sylvia Anderson, General and Artistic Director 

            12 sessions for Singers with 5 arias or songs
                               (note change of dates)

Friday, Oct. 6, 7-9:30pm -   HOW TO SING A GOOD LINE -  
              Working on certain parts of an aria for good diction                                           
                           Master Class, Sylvia Anderson
                               Tim Bach, Accompanist

Sunday, Oct. 29 - HOW TO WORK WITH A CONDUCTOR                       Master Class with Prof. Matthias Kuntzsch,  Charles Calhoun,
                                SFCM, Room and Time TBA

Friday - Nov 3 -  WORKING with a CONDUCTOR  with Matthias                     Kuntzsch, with Tim Bach Accompanist, SFCM
Sunday, Dec 3 -   HOW the ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE HELPS                  Robert Britton, Charles Calhoun, Accompanist        
                              Room and Time TBA - SFCM

Friday, Jan - 19Concert at Church of the Incarnation
                       1750 29th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94122   
                         7    :30 p.m.Tim Bach, Accompanist 
                All singers perform one aria, concert will be recorded

Friday, Feb - 9 -  ACTING for SINGERS!  with David Ostwald                                                   Tim Bach, accompanist
                            SFCM - Time and ROOM TBA    

Sunday, Feb. 25 ACTING YOUR ARIAS w/David Ostwald,  
                             Professor Matthias Kuntzsch  
                          Charles Calhoun, Accompanist - - SFCM
Friday, March 9STAGE SAVVY! Master Class -Patricia Craig 
               and Sylvia Anderson - Tim Bach, accompanist

Saturday, April 14 -  Concert  - Church of the Incarnation - SF -                   Charles Calhoun, Accompanist, Singers perform 1 aria
            concert recorded and faculty present with written feed-back

Sunday, April - 29-  Concert  - Church of the Incarnation - SF - 
             Tim Bach, Accompanist, Singers perform 1 aria each    
     concert recorded and faculty present with written feed-back

Friday, June 8 Concert - Church of the Incarnation - SF 
             Tim Bach, Accompanist, Singers perform 1 aria
        faculty present with written feed-back, concert recorded

Sunday, June 10 - Concert - Church of the Incarnation - SF -
         FINAL CONCERT and PROGRAM ROUNDUP.  Concert Recorded - 
                       Accompanist, Charles Calhoun            
                       Faculty gives written feedback

Tuition for 12 Sessions - $750  -  Limit 14 singers -     
Application at    Please print out application
after filling it out, and return to Sylvia Anderson at SFCM.  Please prepare 5 arias memorized for potential auditions to work on during the year.  For those who wish more information, please attend first meeting on October 6, 2017 at 7 p.m. in the Salon at SFCM.  

Tuition payment deadline:  October 17, 2017

Dates, times,  and faculty subject to change